Gordon Brown - Back on the Highway to Musical Reality

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Gordon Brown – Back on the highway to musical reality He’s been called everything from the “The Mayor,” to the “The G-Don” but anyone associated with entertainment here in New Jersey; specifically the Jersey Shore music scene, should know who Gordon Brown is. Whether you've heard about his major label accomplishments thru bands such as Mr. Reality or Highway 9, or you’ve spent an evening watching one of your favorite acoustic artist at The Count Basie theater or Monmouth University, he has affected your musical experiences thru his business savvy and compositional skills, helping to create new outlets for some of New Jerseys best performers while coming up with events such as Writers In The Raw and The Wave Gathering Music Festival. As a co-writer and producer, Brown has worked to develop many of the artists we have come to know today. Performers such as, Rick Barry, Status Green, Corey Wagar, Jerzy Jung, Natalie Stovall, Alex Brumel, and Andrew Holtz have all come to know his commitment to songwriting quite well, with some gaining major momentum because of it. His long career has seen him go thru several major label recording deals and at least three distinct publishing deals. He has achieved song placements in TV and film, and working with great producers and mentors like Danny Kortchmar (Don Henley, James Taylor, Rod Stewart), Peter Collins (Jewel, Rush, Indigo Girls), Monty Powell (Keith Urban, Lady A, Diamond Rio) and others that he’s no doubt picked up a few tricks from over the years. He’s been on several national tours and has earned his “Jersey Shore” rep opening for Bon Jovi many times and jamming with Springsteen on several different stages. Some would say he’s been through it all. And now, he’s going to do it ... ... middle of paper ... ...sses the direction you are looking for…and Ron Haney and Bart Schoudel (Alicia Keys, Val Emmich) who when we get into a room to write or work on a project…there’s always some kind of magic happening. Ugh, also my singing partner and world’s greatest bass player, Rob Tanico (HWY9, Samhill, Mr. Reality) When can we see you onstage next?? Well, I’ll be playing with Corey Wagar tonight at The Stone Pony for starters. Its gonna be a “Nashville meets New Jersey” sort of showcase band consisting of all top guys that play with all the national country acts like Taylor Swift, Sara Evans, Josh Turner and many others. This is probably gonna be their first introduction to the Jersey Shore and The Stone Pony so we hope everyone gives them a very warm welcome and makes them feel right at home. We are really excited to be able to make this happen in front of a hometown crowd.

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