Joseph Campbell Myth: Pacific Rim Movie Review

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Pacific Rim is a movie that is based on an American science fiction. The film take place in the year 2020, when earth is at war with the kajuis, gigantic monster emerged from an inter dimensional portal on the floor of the pacific ocean. To combat against these monsters, humanity unites to create a Jagger : humanoid mecha. The story follows Raleigh Becket a ex-pilot of the jaeger whom lost his brother to the kajuis while fighting together in a mecha. He retired, but later he was hired by a general leader of the humanoid mecha, Stacker Pentecost. He partner up with miko, a Japanese mecha pilot, and was placed in a neural bridge together. At the end of the movie they thought against a level 3 kajuis, a high level kajuis, and detonating a bomb that was attached to the jaeger destroying the kajuis civilization. Pacific Rim is an example of a modern spin of Joseph Campbell mono myth hero, Guillermo del Toro definitely follow the pattern that joseph Campbell described.

In the Guide/Mentor , the hero Raleigh Becket was call upon by the herald, Sacker Pentecost, to accept a mission to combat against the kajuis. Raleigh immediately rejects the proposal from Stacker Pentecost. He explained to Stacker that he cannot fight in a mecha anymore because of the tragic accident of his brother and that there isn’t a person that he can partner up with for the neural bridge. He said it was futile to fight against the kajuis because there would not be an end to it and that it isn’t worth it. Stacker confronted Raleigh again somewhere in the artic and tries to make him understand the reason why he needed him to corporate. Stacker explained to Raleigh that he has a plan to counter act the kajuis and also said he has a person that can be his ...

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...oblem and resolve it. Another mono myth that Pacific Rim express throughout the movie would be the guide/mentor. Raleigh Becket went through special training with Stacker Pentecost and Stacker help Raleigh to be better at controlling the jaeger with miko He finally control the jaeger with ease because the support that Stacker gave to Raleigh when he failed many times. If a sequel is made of this movie, then the hero journey will changed because the hero in the next movie would not be the same and the journey would be very different. The hero, Raleigh Becket, from the previous movie might have a kid with miko and the kid will take on the journey instead of the previous hero and would have different mentor because the previous mentor died in the previous movie. Although joseph Campbell hero journey will change, the movie will stick to joseph Campbell mono myth.

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