Jonathan Edwards: The Father Of The First Great Awakening

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146 words

The First Great Awakening was a religious reawakening that swept through the British American Colonies in the 1720s to the 1740s. Most Americans lived in communities with an “established” church. The First Great Awakening was heavily influenced by Calvinist moral beliefs, and created a yearning for redemption and a strong feeling of spiritual guilt. Jonathan Edwards, who is known as the Father of the First Great Awakening and hoped to reinstate the emotional side of religion, and George Whitefield, who founded the Methodist movement, and introducing preaching in street corner rather than in churches and an Itinerant Preacher, which is a person who preaches the Christian redemption while traveling, they preached to large bodies of people exposing

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  • Describes the first great awakening as a religious awakening that swept through the british american colonies in the 1720s to 1740s.
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