The Great Awakekening: The First Great Awakening

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THE FIRST GREAT AWAKENING The First Great Awakening was an extremely important religious revival that moved through the American colonies. This spiritual revival took place in the American colonies around 1730 to 1760. The First Great Awakening was able to gain a lot of momentum because of the influential preaching that taught the citizens of these colonies that the only way to salvation was by accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. Many of the colonists believed that they lived proper and just lives by attending church and doing good deeds. It was by the strong influential preaching that took place during the Great Awakening that preachers informed these believers that their works and good deeds would not save them; only salvation through…show more content…
Jonathan Edwards was known as a “nurturing pastor, frontier missionary, and bold revivalist preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Edwards exemplifies a man who integrated reason (the mind) and personal devotion (the heart) in unwavering dedication to the sovereign God revealed in creation and Scripture.” Jonathan Edwards spent much of his young life trying time to live and serve God through his works and deeds. He finally realized that it was impossible to earn his own salvation through his works and he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Jonathan Edwards helped propel the First Great Awakening around 1733-1735, by directing some of the very first revivals from his Northampton, Massachusetts church. During some of these revivals Edwards preached sermons about salvation to his Puritan congregation. When these sermons were conducted amazing outbreaks of the Holy Spirit took place and people started recognizing their need for Jesus. This awesome move of God helped communities, households, and individuals to bond together in unity. These events continued to spread throughout the communities and most of the American colonies. Jonathan Edwards successful revivals were not without opposition. Edwards was drawing opposition and criticism from more traditional and strict Puritan leaders who were more concerned with religion. Jonathan Edwards then relocated to Stockbridge,…show more content…
I totally understand from reading and my research that these die-hard supporters of the First Great Awakening were trying to draw people out of the depressing tenets of Puritan religion. These preachers realized that people throughout the American colonies were in utter darkness believing that their good deeds and works would provide them an eternal life in Heaven. However; these great ministers wanted people throughout the colonies to understand and realize that the only way to have eternity in Heaven was through salvation in Jesus Christ. “The Great Awakening was said to be so effective because it sparked spiritual renewal by suggesting that redemption was available to everyone who would accept it, not just those that were the privileged ones in society.” It is good to see that these men totally understood the heartbeat of God; that the gospel is meant for all people. I also believe that the unity and shaping that came from the Great Awakening is what helped bring the American colonies together to fight and gain its freedom from England. These believers came to the New World seeking and desiring freedom from England and they gained it; while at the same time coming into a deeper relationship with Jesus
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