John Locke And Thomas Hobbes Research Paper

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John Locke and Thomas Hobbes were both great political philosophers who influenced modern history. Thomas Hobbes was born in England in April of 1588. He is well known for his book Leviathan and for his views on politics and society. He fled to Paris in the late 1640s leaving England because of hard times. The civil war was occurring at that time. According to Stewart Duncan, “Hobbes was associated with the royalist side, and might also have had reason to fear punishment because of his defense of absolute sovereignty in his political philosophy” (Duncan, 2009). John Locke was born August of 1632 in England. Locke is well known for his Essay Concerning Human Understanding. Locke lived during the conflict between Crown and Parliament and the overlapping conflicts between Protestants, Anglicans and Catholic into the civil war in the sixteenth hundreds (Uzgalis, 2001). Views on how people are governed & willing to accept. Their thought influencing today’s political thinking (Conclusion). Locke and Hobbes were both political philosophers who explored what humankind would be like in a s...
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