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“¬¬” A revolution is the replacement of a government by a different one. The idea of revolution has been around since the first kingdoms were found. However, the idea was not as developed until the enlightenment. John Locke, one of the greatest philosophers of all time came up with the idea that if a government does not function properly, people can rebel and form a new government. About two hundred years after John Locke, a man named Pierre-Joseph Proudhon officially published the idea in French. This thought has been the roots to all revolutions before and after Locke’s existence. A revolution is not less than a civil war. It builds on the blood of martyrs and usually does not stop until it overthrows the old regime. The basic idea is to sacrifice one or two generations for the possibility that their sons and daughters would live in …show more content…

Sometimes, everything ends successfully and sometimes a new dictatorship rises. The basic steps of a revolution are rebellion, overthrow of the current government, and installing the new revolutionary government. An uprising is always the last option considered by wise men because in the best scenario, the new government would provide freedom and justice for people and in the worst scenario it would bring complete devastation. The success of a revolution is not always guaranteed. The only thing that would happen for sure is bloodshed. By starting an uprising, different groups with different ideas emerge and this can lead up to a civil war. About thirty-five years ago, in 1979, a massive uprising lead by Ruhollah Khomeini started in Iran. Ruhollah Khomeini rebelled against the monarchy of Iran to bring freedom for his people through

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that revolution is the replacement of a government by another. the idea of revolution has been around since the first kingdoms were found, but it was not developed until the enlightenment.
  • Explains that iran is a massive country with eighty million people, stretches from the caspian sea in the north to the persian and oman gulfs.
  • Describes how reza pahlavi overthrows the qajar dynasty, which was not very successful in managing the nation. he was an enlightened person and opposed the religious leaders who wanted islam to rule the country.
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