John Dillinger

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On June 22nd 1903 John Herbert Dillinger was born to John and Mollie Dillinger . His parents ran and owned a grocery store in Indianapolis, Indiana, and at the age of three his mother died . John Dillinger’s father described his son as a “restless and aggressive” child . Beginning from a young age, the dark side of Dillinger became evident, as he created and led a gang called ‘The Dirty Dozen’ . The worst criminal act the ‘Dirty Dozen’ participated in consisted of stealing coal from the nearby railroad . As Dillinger grew older, so did the intensity of his crimes. In his teenage years Dillinger stole a car to impress a girl, and when caught he fled to the navy. According to John he was “discharged” from the navy, but records say he escaped.

Dillinger committed his first major criminal act in September of 1924 with Ed Singleton. The two robbed a local grocery store assaulting the grocer in the process. The court later convicted Dillinger of assault and robbery from this robbery, giving him ten to twenty years in jail . Singleton received fourteen years in jail, though he had a criminal background and previous jail time. Dillinger believed that this unfair sentence caused his resentment leading to future robberies . In a letter to his father, Dillinger expressed that “I went in a carefree boy, [and] I came out bitter toward everything in general... if I had gotten off more leniently when I made my first mistake this would never have happened” .

As the bars of prison opened, John Dillinger took his few steps of freedom. With each step filled with resentment and anger from eight and a half years in jail, he lead his way to a future filled with crime, leading to a legacy he will leave behind for future generations . Dillinger did not...

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