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partnership is apparent with both Nelson and wife, Helen, in the actions of attending to their children. The entire family often escaped with Nelson upon completion of criminal acts while Helen was often suspected of aiding Nelson in criminal activity (Geringer, 2010). There is recorded documentation that Helen routinely visited Nelson during his incarcerations (A&E, 2002).
Gillis, now known to the public as George “Baby Face” Nelson reportedly joined forces with Al Capone, progressing into Labor Racketeering for Capone in 1929. Although it is affirmed that only the public called him “Baby Face” as it appeared to anger Nelson by declaring him inferior with such a nomenclature (Nelson, 2002, p465). Nelson’s criminal activity progressed to armed
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The Mayor’s wife was present and described Nelson as “good looking, hardly more than a boy” with “dark hair and was wearing a gray topcoat and brown felt hat, turned down brim” (Burrough, 2004, p102-103). On January 15, 1931 Gillis, now exclusively going by the name of George Nelson, was apprehended and charged for the robbery of the Itasca State Bank. Gillis was sentenced one year to life in the Illinois State prison. He was later transported to State Penitentiary, Joliet Illinois, on July 17, 1931 to serve his one year to life prison term (Burrough, 2004,…show more content…
The only outsourced education was from the local money makers of the neighborhood, who structured a young Nelson and fielded his vindictive personality further into his young adulthood where he was motivated to prove that even the little man can be a strong and powerful man while doing what he enjoyed to do. Nelson appeared to enjoy making money though personable destruction to anyone who looked at him sideways or got in his way in the process. Witness observations indicate that Nelson preferred others to fear him and with his baby fine looks he was able to get close enough to make sure that wasn’t all that they saw, to prove that it was not an indicator of the ruthlessness nature he could exact on anyone. It is clear that Gillis would have continued to pose a clear and present danger to

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