John Blake's View Of Racism

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One of the obstacles to creating a less racist society is the enduring confusion over individual attitudes as distinct from social and economic policies and practices. A person character and social traits are normally started when they are very young. Racism is a big factor that is affecting Americans specifically minorities. Racism is a belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another. People define racism in many different aspects even though many people say racism is dead day it is still impacting the world. In today’s society there are a variety of people who feel as though they are not racists and the article the new threat: “Racism without racists” does a good job at explain what some people think and a lot of points…show more content…
John focused on three main topics that we are often faced with in life today. He expressed his opinions and used examples to explain his point. I agree with John’s topics and everything he expressed in his three main topics. Even when people don’t know they are being racists it’s the small things that you say or do that you don’t notice. Some people are used to being a part of racial actions without knowing they are involved, either because they were raised that Therefore, Race and Racism have a lot to do with societies. Societies are what are bringing to life race and racism. The viewing of races in the world was made up by people to assign certain groups higher status than others. In keeping views like this alive in the world we are making those races that are seen as inferior, have no chance of bettering their status. We know that there are no biological factors making one race better than another. Race, which leads to racism, is simply something that is used to justify brutalities and cruel and unjust treatment of people all around the world. Way or that is the way that are used to acting based on how they were
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