Examples Of Racism In Children Of Men

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Racism Intertwined with Nationalism Is Alive and Well In today’s world, people would like to think that racism no longer exists, at least not in the way it use to exist in the past where the people could be lynched or beaten or arrested just for the color of their skin. Racism today are stereotypes based on a person’s skin color, for instance if that person is a Hispanic or a Latino they are probably an illegal immigrant or if they are African American with dark skin they probably have a criminal record. Many racist stereotypes are usually targeted to the African Americans, Hispanics or Latinos that live in the United States. Besides the stereotypes they are the slur words used against them as insults, such as using the N word or the word “black” for African…show more content…
And since Britain hasn’t fallen people all over the world want to migrate there. Throughout the film the viewer can see how Britain is still plagued with problems, such as bombings, restless people, who either are British or from somewhere else, and overpopulation on the island. And one way the government tries to deal with the overpopulation issues is to gather all the illegal immigrants and others who are against the government and put them in a ghetto. It could be inferred that there could be some racism from the guards there. Because the guards at the ghetto don’t treat the people coming in as humans, just illegals that need to be put somewhere or even be put down if they are uncooperative. They most likely feel superior then the people being put there because they have the guns and the means to spare or end that person’s life. And since they are on the other side of the wall separating them and the ones living in the ghetto, it clearly shows who are the superior race and who are the less superior

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