Job Expectations and Popular Jobs

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Job expectations have changed throughout the last 40 years. Research was done in order to see the differences in those expectations and compare them by looking at the expectations now and then. This is relevant because we can see the popular jobs of today and get incite into why those jobs are so popular. Is it a norm of society and that’s why they are changing, or is just the demand for different jobs effecting what people choose are their career? This can be answered by looking at the results of the analysis. The hypothesis is the expectation for employment of Tri-Valley seniors has changed over the past 40 years. In order to find the expectations for employment of the seniors 40 years ago, we used secondary analysis as our tool to find this information. Secondary analysis is using pre-collected information for data collection and research purposes without distortion. Finding the information using another method would be close to impossible because there is no way of locating all the students, they could have memory distortions and even inaccurate responses. By looking at the yearbook, we would bypass all those possible errors and get their true response at that time by looking at their future plans. The research was also performed using the seven steps of the research method. The first step, identify the problem, was jobs. In order to review the literature, four yearbooks were used. The yearbooks included the years; 1958, 1959, 1999, and 2002. After looking threw the books, our previous hypothesis was formed. From there, we used secondary analysis as the research design. The data was collected my making categories for all the jobs and then narrowing down those categories. Once the categories were broad enough... ... middle of paper ... ...he very best can make it, and that is why there is a decrease in the amount of people wanted to be in entertainment. In the end, our research showed our hypothesis to be successful. The expectation of Tri-Valley seniors has changed over the last 40 years. Some of the changes were very drastic, while others were more minor changes. Whether major or minor, they were changes and therefore our hypothesis was. There was only one con in the research design. When making categories, we made a category known as other. This category dramatically increased from then until now. Many of the students wrote down that they wanted to be rich or successful, but did not put down an actual plan for themselves. If this category would have had a lower number, the results we found could have been even more accurate because there would have been more results from more students.
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