Jimmy James, One Of The Best Music Player: Jimi Hendrix

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The History of Jimi Hendrix

Jimmy James, or as most people know him as Jimi Hendrix, is one of the best musicians of all time. He is extremely talented. Jimmy could even play the guitar with his teeth. His style of music was loved by so many people. He played many different genres of music. Jimmy is easily one of the best musicians in the world.
There are many things you more than likely do not know about Jimmy. He left home to leave the United States army in 1961. Jimmy received the Screaming Eagle award for the Paratrooper division in 1962. Jimi Hendrix once said “with the power of soul, anything is possible.” This quote shows that he believes that everything people do in life is accomplished because of them have a lot of hard work and will power. This all shows that Jimmy is much more than just a musician and guitarist.
This is how Jimmy got into music. He started writing music when he was sent home due to an injury while parachute jumping. He became a session guitarist and played with many marquee acts by the end of 1965 going by the name Jimmy James. He played with like Tina Turner, Sam …show more content…

He left Little Richard to form his own band called Jimmy James and the Blue Flames. He started playing lead guitarist instead of a backline guitarist. Jimmy has a bunch of hit songs. Some of his more popular songs may include “Purple Haze, All Along the WatchTower, and Voodoo Chile,” all from his album Slight Return. The Jimi Hendrix experience was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the class of 1992. A strong quote that most people can agree with written by Jimmy himself states “music is a safe kind of high.” Anyone that enjoys music can relate to this. When you listen to your favorite song and you get so into that you don't really realize what's going on around you. Without Jimmy, most of the music wouldn't be around or nearly the same. He passed on so many different styles of playing and writing that everyone uses

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