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From birth until his death, Jesus has healed so many people suffering from illnesses and diseases. Healing was a general characteristic of his ministry. Jesus proved to be an unselfish individual by providing infinite care for others. Those who came to him never went away unaided. Jesus saw those in need as his children and he couldn’t bear to see their suffering. His healings by others were seen as miracles. Jesus was compassionate to serve others in need so they can be forgiven for their sins. He did not discriminate and set no restrictions on where and when one should come and sought help from him. His purpose on earth was to eradicate the burden of people’s disease, sins and misery.
Sufferers believed that their illnesses and diseases were the part of punishment from god for the sins they have done. Jesus on the other hand perceived the illnesses and diseases as evil and the enemy of the humankind. He proved that the healing was the blessing of god not the disease. As Jesus healed those in need, all he desired back was faith in the kingdom of the god. He did not ask people for any money or commodities. Jesus believed that what venerates god is unswerving faith and devotion and affection for God despite the sickness and disease. Jesus usually performed his healings by placing his hands on the sufferers. He constantly requested his followers not to spread the stories of these miracles as he was not seeking attention. All of the healings were prompted by compassion not fame. “He was seeking to draw men to him as their savior” (White, 1982). The more miracles and healings he did, the more people kept talking about it as they were astounded by his miracles.
Jesus came to earth to help us and he gave his life in services for the...

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...ce during the hardship.
Understanding Jesus as a healer has impacted my role as a nurse. As a nurse, we provide care and compassion for those who are sick, frail and injured while staying within the professional limits. I suppose as nurse, I’m going on the right path under the guidance of Jesus as he wanted us to do good for others. During my orientation at Pacific Union College (Angwin campus), I once saw a picture of surgeons performing a surgery while a faint figure of Jesus behind the surgeon is holding his hand as he is guiding him. Jesus is our mentor and he is always there guiding us to do good for our patients. When in doubt, we should ask the lord for his guidance. It is our faith that allows us to treat and heal others. At last, I learned that we should be humble and unselfish like Jesus and should be always present to provide care and love for others.

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