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Among the many nursing theories, Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring is unique in that she defines nursing as a healing art and science which endeavors to approximate the technical aspects of nursing with the metaphysical and spiritual dimensions. According to Watson, the caring moment is a main component of her theory that can be created during the phenomenal interaction between the patient and the nurse. Watson developed her theory identifying classification of interventions or 'carative factors', which according to her constitute the essentials of nursing when all the techniques and technologies are removed. These ‘carative factors’ originated from Watson's efforts to solve some conceptual and empirical problems about nursing,
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182), having only been completely codified in 1979, revised in 1985 (Watson, 1988), and expanded and advanced lately (Watson, 2005, 2008). Watson states that she was motivated to develop her model of human caring because of a deep concern for preserving humanity today and to rediscover the human spirit. She expresses a commitment of moving nursing away from the limitations of the philosophy of positivism or a system that hold every rationally defensible assertion can be scientifically justified or is capable of logical or mathematical proof, and that therefore rejects metaphysics and faith. The central focus of Watson’s conceptual nursing model is human care. Human care, as conceived by Watson, is an intersubjective process and an epistemic effort that include human-to-human interaction. Watson has always been explicit in describing the human as a holistic, interactive being possessing energy field experiencing health and illness as characteristics of human pattern (Watson,…show more content…
Watson proposed that caring and love are universal and mysterious “cosmic forces” that comprise the original and psychic energy. Watson believes that health professionals make social, moral, and scientific contributions to humankind and that nurses’ caring model can affect human development (McEwen & Wills, 2011. Pp. 183). Developing a transpersonal caring relationship with the client is the core of Watson’s human care theory in which both the client and the nurse have high reciprocal value for the person and their being in the world. This relationship is a spiritual unification between two individuals whereby they surpass self, time, space and the life history of each other. This completeness empowers both the client and nurse to enter the remarkable field of the other (McEwen & Wills, 2011. Pp.

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