Jealousy In Othello Research Paper

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507 words

Jealousy is a destructive emotion or feeling. Through the use of jealousy Shakespeare shows how it leads to death. Many real life incidents of death have been rooted in jealousy. whether it was sexual, wealth, relationships, or even just being who you are. Jealousy is something that has been dated back to as far as biblical times, but was first introduced to us in theatrical acts by Shakespeare. In Shakespeare’s play “Othello”, jealousy was the main cause that led to the character’s death. Othello was of great status in life. He was a general and held many defeats and great victories; but he was different from the others around because of his race and background. With that being said, he was looked at all the time and many feared he was a jealous person.The main character had a very strong jealous strike that ran very deep. It …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how jealousy leads to death in shakespeare's play "othello". the main character, lago, was jealous of his wife’s status and possessions and used it to his advantage.
  • Explains that people's jealousy can cause someone to become blind to the truth and plays mind games with them.
  • Explains that jealousy can take over who we are and our character. it can start out small and become dangerous, but has it taken over?
  • Explains that jealousy is a passionate emotion that everyone will have to face at one point in their life. it is one of the most destructive emotions we deal with as humans.

Sometimes people can become jealous through believing rumors and lies even if they have no first hand evidence of the issue. Jealousy blinds people to the truth and plays mind games with them. For example, if a female has heard rumors of her spouse cheating or having relations with another female, the only image she can see is him with her. Although people are often jealous of others’ status and wealth, they do not understand what it took to get there. Jealousy begins to consume the mind. Jealousy can take over who we are and our character. At some point in life, we have been jealous. It can start out so small and become into something so big and dangerous. But has jealousy taken over, where it actually kills us and we become the jealousy or “the Green-Eyed Monster”? Jealousy can turn us inside out to the point of driving us crazy. Some people allow jealousy to consume them. We become something we are not and lose ourselves mentally. With this happening, it cause us to do reckless and deadly things. The mind becomes corrupt through the jealousy and it takes

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