Essay On Theocracy In The Crucible

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In Salem, the governmental system is theocracy. In a theocracy, the church makes and enforces the laws, which were created through divine guidance. In such a case, the church officials take a high ranking in society. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, it is this government that helps propel the action in the play forward.
The problem that exists within theocracy is it is biased and fails in the aspect of checks and balances. This means that the government is based upon religious ideologies, so if one were to disobey the church, they were disobeying the law and faced severe punishment because of the overlap between church and state. A great example of this is the girls dancing in the woods. Because it is against their religion to dance, the law also punishes the girls. And by disobeying their religion like that, there is enough evidence they are to do with witches. Another example is the Proctors. Although Elizabeth is deeply devoted to religion, John does not always go to church on Sundays, has not gotten his third child baptized and cannot recall all ten of the Ten Commandments. As a result of this, accusations of witchcraft upon the Proctor family are inevitable. Reverend Hale wants to prevent this and tells the Proctors, “God keep you both; let the third child be quickly baptized, and go you without fail each Sunday in to Sabbath prayer; and keep a solemn, quiet way among you”(70). If the Proctors cover up their faults in their religious duties, accusations will not come upon them. Because the Church and State are so closely tied in Salem, faltering in church, means faltering with the law.
7. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, the plot is filled with copious amounts of grudges between characters. It is these enmities that cause...

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... Danforth as if she has an all-knowing power handed to her by God. The witch trials supply previously powerless people with an abundance of power that is used to impose harm unfortunately.
The witch trials allow characters, other than the girls to gain the power kill people by calling them a witch, therefore allowing himself to win land disputes, much in his favor. For instance, in the ongoing altercation between Mr. Putnam, Proctor and Giles Corey, one of them might benefit from accusing the others of witchcraft to finally settle the land disputes in his favor. The trials lay a perfect backdrop for gaining power to those who have never dealt with it before the trials.
This unfortunate supply of power lands in the wrong hands as a result of the witch trials. And when power and jealousy mix, unfortunately those who hold the power use it in a myriad of hurtful ways.
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