Jail Cell Monologue

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I am sitting in the University of Georgia Baseball Locker room and as I look around I can’t decide what to think about all of it. The whole team is in here, music blasting and my teammates dancing. I’m watching and observing the things around me wondering how I got so lucky to be in this place with all these great guys. In the room there are 4 game systems all hooked up with their own televisions. On the opposite side of the room are 3 couches with a massive television above playing the little league world series. Japan is playing Canada and Canada is winning 10 to 4 in the top of the 6th inning. All the lockers are nice and neat with name tags with our numbers and all have the matching stools in our locker. There are baseballs trailing around …show more content…

I would describe it as a jail cell, the only thing different is there is a big seven letter word written across the wall and it spells Georgia. Although it’s like a jail cell, it’s still considered a "happy place" in the baseball world. It’s like a place where you can go alone or with people and just have fun and escape everything in the outside world. After about an hour coach walks in and says, “We can now use the field.” So now we are all pumped to be at baseball because swinging on the field is the best part about baseball …show more content…

You can see the grass glistening from the rain and the puddles are somewhat dissipating. The field is all set for batting practice, the net in front of the mound with the baseballs in a basket next to them, the mats laid down and coach is standing there. We all have smiles on our face as we start hitting, to make us even happier the music is now on outside and that’s like being at a party to us. We all talk trash but also compete to see who can hit the ball the hardest or the furthest. It makes it more fun when you can see the ball take off once you make solid contact with it and watch it soar off the bat over the fence and off the scoreboard in right center field. There are 11 of us out there including 3 coaches but 2 of them are in the dugout watching us. There are trees in left field behind the fence and they are there to protect the cars in the parking lot from the homerun balls that sneak over the fence. There are houses in right field behind the bleachers but they are too far away for us to do any damage too. There is a big green wall behind the center field wall and it is a batter’s eye, it’s used to keep the sun out of our faces when we are batting. I think it is pointless because I have never seen the sun near there or had a problem with it, but everything has a purpose at the field. You can't go to the baseball field and not be

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  • Describes how they are sitting in the university of georgia baseball locker room and can't decide what to think about it.
  • Opines that taking time off is hard to do in baseball because it is all about repetition.
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