Jaffee vs. Redmond: Groundbreaking Confidentiality Case

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An Overview of Jaffee vs Redmond
In 1995, a groundbreaking case called Jaffe vs. Redmond laid the foundation for confidentiality between therapists and patients. The case resulted from a dispute between two men that ended with an officer lethally assailing the aggressor and during the ensuing trial, said officer inadvertently helped to establish confidentiality rights while fighting to conceal her own medical history.
The Proceedings
The case involved a line of duty shooting that took place between Illinois Officer Mary Redmond and suspect Ricky Allen, whom Redmond fatally wounded, and revolved around the family’s excessive force complaint, which they filed on the grounds that the witness testimony differed from Redmond’s account. [1]
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Additionally, it expressed that deciding in Redmond’s favor will ultimately serve the public’s interest, as this hearing would set a precedent for similar cases in the future. The association further asserted that clients’ who confide with therapists expect that their revelations will remain private, and it is this trust that fosters the open communication that doctors need to heal patients. The APA felt that, at the end of the day, confidentiality outweighed any other matter at hand. They also believed that judges’ jurisdiction to decide confidentially matters individually did not provide the protection that patients needed to feel safe revealing potentially incriminating, but critical, information.
The APA’s interest in this matter was whether current federal law applied to doctor-patient confidentiality. By pursuing this issue, the organization sought to secure these rights on a federal level. The resulting decision strengthened the court’s resolve when hearing similar cases and changed how firms and organizations handle employee information and private, health-related issues.
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[3] The web page cites how the Jaffee versus Redmond case forever solidified privacy rights between therapists and their clients. Prior to this hearing, the courts did not fully acknowledge this privilege and deemed withholding session information almost equivalent to an admission of guilt.
Although doctor-patient confidentiality is standard today, a caveat about this privilege is that it does not protect all statements made to therapists and only applies to regularly scheduled appointments. Additionally, if a patient reveals that they intend to harm someone, it is the therapist’s duty to report this fact to the proper authorities.
Complex Legal Issues Call for Educated Employees
The Jaffee-Redmond ruling heavily impacted how all organizations and firms deal with staff members’ rights. Today, the legal human resource environment requires that all key organizational professionals know and understand the laws affected by this case. Prospective job candidates who are well-versed in these laws and similar issues can outmaneuver less knowledgeable candidates. Training in current privacy laws are a valuable asset in several settings, such as:
• Healthcare organizations
• Human services

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