It's Time for the U.S. Government to Phase Out Incandescent Light Bulbs

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The government should phase out incandescent lighting due to the advantages of the new alternatives. At this time, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are the central focus of this change and will be used as the example. First, CFLs on the market have better lighting quality than in previous years compared to incandescent bulbs. While quality is not the primary focus of the change, it signals a higher development and readiness for application to the greater public. Popular Mechanics, back in May 2007, designed a study comparing an incandescent light to seven different CFLs. In a double blind study, they had people rate the lights effect on objects colors, faces and reading material. The author concluded their results to be a "real shocker" because "when it came to the overall quality of the light . . . they produce[d] better light." (CITE 4215199.html?page=9) Within their study, the biggest factor that the judges were impressed by was the improved color temperatures compared to the incandescent bulb. The CFL color temperature qualities have improved drastically compared to the first generation of CFLs. The government's energy star website provides pictures and standards for those interested in determining the proper CFL for certain applications. According to the site a normal incandescent bulb emits 2700-3000K and most of the Energy Star qualified replacement lights have been designed to emit the same ranges more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. The quality of this new alternative has been recognized by the government and their mandate will pass on these developments to the greater public.

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