It 39 - Support Environmental Sustainability

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it 39 – Support Environmental Sustainability in a Business Environment Outcome 1: Understand the principles supporting environmental sustainability in a business environment 1.1 Describe current legislation in relation to environmental sustainability in a business environment Environmental sustainability is when an organisation uses sustainable resources and manages their waste to reduce their carbon footprint. They are able to identify improvements and begin to improve their work activities and processes. Current legislations that relate to environmental sustainability include the Environment Protection Act 1990 and the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006. The Environment Protection Act 1990 was first introduced on 20th December 1989. It has 7 parts which define the structure and authority of both waste management and control of emissions within organisations in England, Wales and Scotland. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006, also known as WEEE, came into force throughout 2007. Businesses must provide a service where they are bale to dispose of people’s old electrical or electronic equipment when selling them the same item brand new. This includes products that are sold direct, online or on the telephone. Businesses must offer a free take back service in store or a collection from home with transport costs added. It is the businesses choice whether they want to extend their services to cover other types of electrical and electronic waste. This regulation was later replaced by the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013. ... middle of paper ... ...llows you to go through a 5 phase process which is plan, manufacturing process, do, check and continual improvement process. Once you have been through the process, you are able to continuously improve any problems that are having an impact on the environmental and suitability policies and procedures. Another technique you could use is management systems such as setting targets or maintenance of equipment. By setting targets, you are able to see how well the environmental and sustainability policies and procedures are working and how well your organisation is progressing. By maintaining the equipment that is used by your organisation, you are able to closely monitor any impacts that the equipment may have. If issues do arise, your organisation may suffer with a loss of reputation and start to gain poor publicity as customers will begin to go elsewhere for business.
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