Is The Millennial Generation More Narcissistic Than Other Generation?

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Is the Millennial Generation more Narcissistic than Other Generation? In this millennial generation or also known as Generation Y culture exposes to technology and the use of easy access of social media. It spurted the issue of developing narcissism than any other generation. The effect of American culture has promoted the ideology of self-worth. As it continue to grows, psychologist are beginning to believe that “Generation Me” has become a positive effect of self-view. Even though it is positive, psychologists sometimes label it as narcissism. Narcissism is associated with the mythological story of a man who fell in love with his own reflection and became entrance by his own beauty. In identifying what would be consider a birth cohorts,…show more content…
There is a cost to self which the increase of narcissism, it will distort one owns abilities of judgement. A person will end up making a risky decision making, potential to addictive disorder, trouble with romantic relationship and may become more aggressive if they weren’t being pay attention to. Interestingly Jwenge pointed out that narcissism is beneficial for an individual on a short term in boosting oneself but costing them the value of being sentimental to others. For example, generation Y on the rise of selfies and hooking up culture, the behaviors and attitudes of being materialistic increased from 45% in 1967 to 74% in 2006 (Jwenge). Believing that becoming successful is to be famous. Her measurement comprises questionnaires for three generations of the same age group in college focusing on their cultural group. She uses a cross temporal meta-analysis to see the correlation between mean score and it’s year. The influence for millennial are collected from samples of celebrities and emphasizing on the narcissist traits that people becomes more confident in talk shows and take more actions for themselves than any other

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