Is Hamlet Responsible For The Death Of His Father Analysis

In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare the main character Hamlet experiences many troubles throughout the play. Hamlet is the prince of Denmark, his father Old Hamlet the current king of Denmark was killed in his sleep by poison in his ear. Hamlet is set out to seek revenge and avenge his father by finding justice in all those who are responsible. He soon finds out his uncle Claudius who is now king of Denmark is responsible for the death of his father, Claudius’s own brother. This one of the most popular plays by William Shakespeare because it provides all the elements of a perfect tragedy in one. After proving that King Claudius is the one responsible for the death of his father after seeing his reaction during the play directed by Hamlet, Hamlet must now take matters into his own hands and take care of Claudius himself. While reading the play it is evident Hamlet wants to kill Claudius for murdering his father and he comes across a number of different times to do so however he never actually does so until the very end. Hamlet struggles within himself on why he…show more content…
In the final scene of the play Hamlets last attempt to kill Claudius is a successful one. In the midst of all the scuffle Hamlet gets ahold of Laertes sword and during the duel stabs him with his own poisoned sword. Laertes tells all that Claudius is to blame for the Poisoned drinks and Swords Hamlet then gains all his courage and without hesitation finally kills Claudius by stabbing Claudius with the poisoned sword and forces him to drink the poisoned wine. In his final attempt Hamlet showed no signs of any second thoughts and at that moment he knew what exactly he had to do, to not avenge only his father but now his mother too, in Scene 5 Act 2 Gertrude drank from one of the poisoned drinks accidentally and ends up tragically dying in front of

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