Is Electronic Media Beneficial in Children’s Education?

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Is Electronic Media beneficial in Children’s Education?
Over the last decades, it is generally realized that the educational technology has developed dramatically. Electronic media has benefitted the system of education in an enormous way. Electronic media is the media which uses electronics or electromechanical energy for the audience to access the content. Video recording, audio recording, multimedia presentations, CD-ROM and online content are all forms of electronic media and any equipment used in electronic communication process such as radio, television, desktop computers, laptops, electronic whiteboards, and electronic textbooks is also considered as electronic media. Education has become far more convenient as internet and social media had provided a vast opportunity to access as much knowledge as one can. From generation to generation, education remains as the essential part of a child life. To enhance the learning techniques and cognitive skills of a child electronic media play a vital role. But the valuable side of electronic media also meets some hazardous effects such as social isolation, obesity and eating disorder. Therefore, the essay argues that the advantage of using electronic media in children education outweighs the negative impact. The reasons for consideration are the recent development in multimedia technologies which benefits a child in developing cognitive skills, creative thinking, motivation and enhancing emotional understanding.
Firstly, advancements in interactive media have bought a remarkable change in human life. According to Lau (2013) multimedia have impacted mostly the aspect of human learning. It has provided different types of media that can influence various learning styles. Also, they ...

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... and effective tool in children education. The development of cognitive skills, strategic thinking, enhancing emotional understanding, creativity and collaboration are the major benefits provided by electronic media. With the help of emerging multimedia technologies learning ability of a child is improving day by day and the other tools such as electronic textbooks, interactive electronic whiteboards, educational games, mobile learning and podcasting also plays a vital role in educating a child in more technical and advanced manner. This essay partly discusses the various negative effects of electronic media such as obesity, smoking and high risk of sexual initiaon and also provides effective solutions as proper guidance by parents and teachers in watching educational programs and to take advantage of more positive attributes and minimizing the negative ones.

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