Importance Of Multimedia In The Classroom

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Multimedia in the Classroom What is Multimedia? Multimedia in the classroom can be described as media and text used in a variety of combinations to communicate an idea or information . Forms of Multimedia:  Text – Printed notes, stories and lessons.  Graphics – Pictures and images.  Video – Movies, shows, UCC and advertisements.  Sound – MP3s, sound clips, CDs.  PowerPoint – Presentations and games.  Internet – Websites, e-mail and social networking.  Interactive Applications – whiteboards and planning tools. Why Should Teachers Use Multimedia in the ESL Class? Children today are very comfortable in a digital world. They are constantly bombarded by video, graphics and sound. Communication often takes place via the internet and smart phones using social networks and applications. Students also spend a large amount of time shopping and even studying on the internet. The traditional classroom environment, however, is in sharp contrast to the environment that modern students operate in. In the class, text and repetition often take precedence, and the format is mostly a one-size-fits-all one. This presents a disconnect between what is expected of students, and what students are used to. The use of multimedia in the classroom gives teachers and students opportunities for learning in an environment in which students are more likely to feel comfortable and at ease in. Benefits for the Students:  Engaging: Multimedia often requires participation on some level. Students shift from being observers and bystanders to being participators. A well selected piece of media has the potential to grab a student’s attention and encourage them to become engaged in the activity or discussion.  Incorporate a variety of skills into t... ... middle of paper ... ...cceptable content differ from country to country. If in doubt, ask your co-teacher for their opinion. Inappropriate content also includes material that is too advanced or too easy for a given class. If the content is at a level that does not match that of the students, you run the risk of students loosing interest or giving up.  The content becomes the focus of the lesson with very little student interaction. Media should enhance the class learning environment. Remember that your goal is to use media to increase student participation and interaction. Conclusion: Multimedia is a great tool for supplementing and enhancing your English classes. As a native English teacher/ assistant, your goal is to get students talking and using the English language. Using a variety of media formats in your class can help you achieve this in a way that is fun for the students.

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