Investigating the Segregated Conjugal Roles Between Men and Women in a Household

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Investigating the Segregated Conjugal Roles Between Men and Women in a Household

Conjugal roles are the tasks typically taken up by husband and wife in

the household.

My sociology coursework is about the segregated conjugal roles between

men and women in a household. My main aim is to find out if household

tasks are shared equally between men and women in the house.

In 1957, E.Bott analysed conjugal roles in the household. He studied

128 working and middle class couples and found that women were left to

do most of the housework and therefore there was a clear division of

labour between who carries out the household tasks. However, more

recently, in 1970 Young and Willmott found that this was changing and

that joint conjugal roles existed. They believed that men and women

both helped around the house and this was called the “symmetrical

family.” However, there was conflict feminists did not agree with

Young and Willmott’s theory. They said that although men were helping

out around the house more, the main responsibilities were still with

the women and that there was a clear division between what is seen as

a women’s job and a mans job. Foe example, gardening is still seen as

a job that should be done by men.

In my coursework, I am going to find out:

· How household tasks are shared between couples.

· Whether there is still existence of “men’s jobs” and “women’s jobs.”

· If men are helping are they taking sole responsibility or are the

duties shared?

My hypothesis is women and men both do work around the house however;

women are seen as responsible for making sure that it is all done. I

also think that the duties will not be soul duties but will be shared

between the husband and wife and that there will still be prejudices

of what household tasks are seen for men and which ones are specific

for women.


To prove my hypothesis and answer the aims I will design three
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