Into The Wild Analysis

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Craig Medred’s “The fiction of John Krakauer’s Into the Wild” makes claim as to why Into the Wild should be referred to as a novel, in comparison to what the story is currently classified as. Backing this statement up with multiple valid points, Medred brings to light information such as; the interview with Jeff Apple Benowitz, that Krakauer basically disregarded – though it was an admittedly hard to believe story – the multiple stories that Krakauer made up based on one or two worded entries, or even the disregarded entries like “DREAM” or “many mushrooms”. However, Medred also seems hell bent on proving that Krakauer was so extremely biased towards McCandless and his actions, that Medred purposefully misled his own audience, by laying out interesting claims and…show more content…
There are many other things that aren’t “traditional”, yet we still freely use today. For example; in Genesis, God deems that humanity will suffer due to Adam and Eve’s betrayal – included in this suffering is that man will wither in heat and freeze in ice storms. Doesn’t it seem as though we’ve cheated the system by having central heating and cooling?
About four paragraphs into Medred’s article entitled, “A death in Oregon sparks another look ‘Into the Wild’”, the word “schizophrenia” is brought up for the first time. Keep in mind, this isn’t the first time that Medred has accused Chris McCandless of being a schizophrenic – see also his article, “The beatification of Chris McCandless: From thieving poacher to saint”. In addition to every time Medred claims that McCandless is a schizophrenic, he occasionally brings up the fact that he may have had narcissistic personality disorder, or that perhaps he was
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