Internal Audit For Harrah's

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HARRAH’S ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS CONCEPT As part of their goal to be the first choice for casino entertainment, Harrah’s continues to spur its growth through the development of new properties, expansion and acquisitions, not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. Currently, it manages the largest number of casino entertainment facilities in the US, which are not only limited to land-based casinos, but also include riverboat casinos, dockside casinos and gambling facilities on Indian reservations. They also own similar gambling facilities such as slots, thoroughbread racetracks and greyhound racing. All of these establishments are operated under either one of their popular brands: Harrah’s, Caesars and Horseshoe . Its presence abroad can be primarily found in one of London Clubs International’s many gambling houses in the United Kingdom and its sponsorship of the World Series of Poker tournament. Harrah’s is also in the process of developing a casino and hotel establishment in Spain and the Bahamas, and has recently acquired a golf course in Macau , which further cements the company’s presence in the international gaming scene. But at the root of Harrah’s Entertainment ‘s sound opereations lie in its focus on building loyalty and value for all of its stakeholders, especially its customers. The company’s promise of great service and excellent products is something they strive for in all of their gaming facilities, which they are able to achieve by similarly building loyalty in their employees, maintaining good long-term relationships with their business partners and suppliers, and involving themselves in the continuous development of the communities in which their various facilities are located in . ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE/DIVISIONS Harrah’s numerous properties in the country are considered to be its own operating segment, and thus each establishment is given leeway to make its own decisions and manage its own operations. These properties are grouped into divisions according to their geographical location, which makes it easier for Harrah’s top management to monitor their performance and make adequate responses to the different factors that affect a particular division, seeing that most external factors that greatly affect a casino’s operation usually depends on the location of said facility. For example, there are different laws and regulations regarding gambling for each state, and each location also caters to a particular class or segment of its target market. MANAGEMENT The company takes great effort in nurturing and developing all of its employees in its quest for delivering superior customer service to its patrons.

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