Intelligent Design: Today's New World

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The study of science is defined as that which deals with the workings of the physical world we are able to observe and measure. The origin of life, however, is a topic that science has long grappled with, despite the impossibility of observing or proving any origins theory in a strictly scientific manner. Today, the widely accepted theory of life’s beginning is the theory of Evolution by mutation and natural selection, or Neo-Darwinism. Most people in our modern society accept this theory at face value because it is popular with the majority of scientists, but it must always be taken into account that our origins cannot be proven scientifically and that, in fact, the theory of Evolution is not the only or even the most logical theory regarding the beginning of life.

A second theory of origins is Intelligent Design, which despite many valid and convincing scientific arguments, is often scorned by scientists simply because it rejects the world’s most popular view. Intelligent Design theorists propose that life, rather than springing up randomly as a product of chance, was carefully designed by a higher and more intelligent being similar to a Christian or Deistic god. Though the simple mention of a creator is scorned by a large portion of the scientific community, proponents of this theory back up their arguments with the overwhelming odds against enough random mutations to create complex life like that which we see today. They also point to the lack of proof of transitional evolutionary forms in the fossil record, and to the recent scientific discoveries of numerous irreducibly complex systems in biology.

A system that is irreducibly complex is defined by Michael Behe, the author of Darwin’s Black Box, as “a single system comp...

... middle of paper ... We would still be stuck on a “flat” world.

In the same way, Evolutionists today are clinging to the outdated beliefs of what Darwin could see, with his limited vision of the earth. It was a logical conclusion at the time, since they could not see what our technology allows us to see today. But now that we are beginning to plainly see the evidence of a round earth, we must embrace and discover a new theory of life. The intelligent design theorists of our time are being scoffed at, but they are today’s adventurers. Without their voyages, we will be stuck on a flat world where only yesterday’s facts work. Irreducible complexity is the key to a new map of the earth, and until we let go of our preconceived notions, we will never be able to discover it. It is time for science to accept the challenge of the facts, and begin looking at the probability of a Designer.
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