Intellectual Property Regulations Essay

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There are many rules and regulations that governments establish for businesses that help guide businesses, and at times can hinder businesses crossing international boarders. Some business sectors complain on the restrictions that come with government regulations, but there are also numerous programs and laws that benefit businesses. Industries are primarily regulated due to public welfare and safety. Different industries are reviewed and monitored regularly because if their activities or tactics go awry, there can be significant negative effects to a community's structure, financial success, and can have harmful health outcomes to the public. Foreign policy is the term referred to for a government's strategy in how it interacts …show more content…

Intellectual property is protected by the intellectual property rights (IPR) law. This law basically states that the creator of the intellectual property is righted to benefit from it and/or companies also have the right to ownership of the intellectual property their employees create. Intellectual property can be traded to other countries as well.Through the use of licensing (giving permission from the licenser to the licensee via trademark, brand name, or patents), the intellectual property is allowed to be recreated or used in an identical version in another country. Licensing agreements tend to be a cheaper, low-risk option and an easier way to gain market-entry in another country. (BOOK) Entering the market varies for each country. Each nation is able to create their own regulations and policies that vary from each other. If seeking to enter a foreign market, a company must research the country and understand its culture, and how to operate in it. They should also understand the different business relationships in the country that will impact their industry. Lastly, it is important to reach out to the foreign trade corporations in the country, or the US embassy in that country, that can help offer advise on entering local

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