Intangible Success: The Definitions Of Success

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What is success? Owning fancy cars, wearing stylish clothes, having a home with a labyrinth of rooms and ceilings that reach for the sky, having trophy cases filled with awards, being on the big screen, having unlimited wealth and riches? All of these objects and titles are considered indicators of tangible success which satisfy us for only a period of time. I disagree, prosperity, happiness, goals and growth of oneself are more rewarding indicators of success. Although many believe success is only seen as a visible object which provides satisfaction and recognition, with time the feeling fades, and produces a longing for more. Intangible success has greater benefits and is more satisfying than tangible success causing you to accomplish greater…show more content…
It may seem too cliché when people say humility is the key to success, but it is. Humility prevents arrogance and self-indulgence which can be caused by obsession over success. As Duckworth remarks in her TED talk, “we have to be willing to fail, to be wrong, to start over again” accepting failure gets you on your feet (par 10). You accept the status you have fallen to and know you have, and can do better. This is the compensation of humility, acceptance of others and yourself which motivates you to succeed knowing the standing of lower individuals, appreciating more what you have achieved. On the other hand, greediness causes you to focus on self-indulgence and want to please those around you in a negative form. You’d rather be known to many for a short period of time, psychologist call this phenomena “approval addiction” where you choose to be mediocre in order to be accepted (Siebold par 10). You prefer to lower your expectations and conform to the crowd, instead of appreciating and achieving great feats. You allow society to manipulate your actions, and dictate what you say, whereas having humility allows you to grow from your faults. Leaving you with a window to see how you have progressed and succeeded. Therefore, is how humility makes intangible success feel much more
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