Instructional Literacy Developments Are Reading, Language, And Writing For The Young Children

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The three instructional literacy developments are reading, language, and writing for the young children because these are the most common skills that the individual children have to learn so that they can have the development skills that are needed. Reading strategies can be playing a variety of games like BINGO word games with the children while they are sitting in a group or as an individual. Having flash cards can allow the children to have the ability to work on their words by spelling them and reading them out loud. Giving the children about thirty minutes to have reading time. Reading is one of the most important things for a child when learning how to read because reading builds the individual child development. When children that have a disability sometimes it is very hard for them to get the comprehension skills of learning how to read on a normal level or just learning how to read different words and to be able to understand the sound of the words. The children with out a disabilities have a better chance of learning how to read on a higher or a lower level because of the type of brain development and how they learn. When children that are diverse it is harder for them to understand some reading items so when the teacher is teaching the children they have to have a variety of reading books that deals with a diverse so that the children can have a way of reading books just like the rest of the children in the class. While talking to the children the teacher has to have literacy instruction planed out far as the lessons goes so that the teacher can have an idea of the types of levels the children are on when learning how to read. The reading strategies can help the children understand what it is to be able to sound ... ... middle of paper ... with other diverse children some children love to write do to the way that they learn. Having the children in different groups so that they can get the concept of writing a variety of things such as different sentences that goes with the warm up question, homework and classroom assignments. When teaching the children in a diverse setting with writing the children do have a hard time in writing because they have to understand what to write on paper so that they can complete the work. The writing can meet the children needs by giving the children different traceable words and as the children are learning it they can do sentence strip. Children can also can do group writing skills so that they can also have an idea of learning from the way that there classmates learns their writing skills by having them talk about how they Patrica Hall(2016)
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