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Thou Shalt Not Worship False Idols…Sorry!

When Harvilesky makes note that there is a “slow-motion backlash against celebrity culture” and that celebrities deserve to be, “cut down to the size of ordinary citizens”, it is somewhat humorous in the fact that the people doing the cutting and the supposed backlash comes from the very people who have elevated these celebrities to the status they currently hold. The notion of celebrity has become in the United States what royalty is to the Britains. Professor Christopher Cooke of Gresham College in a speech regarding the status of celebrities and how and why our country has become obsessed with their common activities said, “While the modern celebrity may possess a talent, that is no longer the sine qua non of achieving celebrity status. Increasingly that status would seem to be dependent on, and indeed to a great extent, manufactured, by the mass media.” What this indicates is that celebrities are no longer famous for their talent in any particular medium, at this point certain celebrities are famous for the simple act of being famous. I...
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