Initiative Versus Guilt: Initiative Vs. Guilt In The 4-5 Years

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Third Stage: Initiative versus Guilt 4-5 years In this stage, cultural or values of the family members give children an important impact for their growth. Children are actively in different kind of physical activities, their muscle movement and perception is getting stable, they know how to use language and create creativity. They like to copy others as well as feel curious about all the things around them and started to ask lots of questions. In this stable stage, children started know how to use their physical ability to do many things such as hit their friends or scold people. Children will aways ask: Is it okay for me to do what i do? If they encouraged to do, and adult give them lots of chances to engage activity with freedom they will feel happy and initiative to explore the environment around them. In the meantimes, their language ability will improve speedy, they use language to get new information and the initiative stimulate children's sense of communication or …show more content…

Erikson stated that the development of children between 5 to 12 years old mostly happen in school and they are using social interaction frequently. School is the place to train children to adapt to society and master their knowledge and skills which is necessary for life in the future. So children in this stage are trying their best to strengthen their muscle, sensory and physical skills in order to overcome all the challenges form the society. Children in this stage realise that they need to have some result in this society, they work very hard to get the distinction in their result, but they are also worry that they will fail. In this stage, if they get encourage for their hardworking, specially from parent, teacher, peers or neighbour, they will feel industrious, competence and belief in their skills. If they get too much negative feedback, they start to feel inferior and lose

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