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Keanu Keen .5 Ms. Heath English 11 Concussions Tommy plays football at his local high school he is a two way player, playing safety and quarterback. He has probably has a concussion or going to get one in his football career, 50% of all concussions occur in high school football. it will probably take him a week to 3 months to recover from a concussion and if playing with a concussion and gets another one will cause long term effect and may lead to death and even a coma. he was not told how to hit properly, he had his head down and his brain moved inside his skull and gave him a concussion. What are concussions long term effects? Concussions are a problem to all, they are life changing injuries and have been …show more content…

This is why people who suffered a head injuries are told to "shake it off". Most of concussions in high school and youth level go unseen due to lack of player, and family knowledge about concussions or even what to do in that area of injury. To being able to recognize a concussion to protecting the person or the athlete is one of the best things you can do. Then to see a concussion that has either been knocked down and out or still conscious would be if a player is feels dizzy, confused or forgetful, complains about headaches, and feels nauseous. Symptoms will and could occur in in just days to even weeks, can begin weeks after receiving a hit for a sport or activity that caused the concussion or right away after, If a player is suffering a concussion or even think they have a concussion and the symptoms and continues to play even knowing of the damage of what he or she can do for a another concussions. Then when a player gets gets another concussion while playing with another one that hasn’t healed. That can result in excessive brain injury and or sudden death. Noticing symptoms of a concussion is one of the best moves in protecting and helping a athletes and others from hurting themselves even more from what they have already done. To be better educate and understand about concussions, the knowledge on how they occur and what causes to effect the head and the

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