How are Concussions Effecting Football in High School

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Concussions, a minor traumatic brain injury that may occur when the head hits an object, are a huge problem in football in high schools and lower levels today. Concussions are very common in football, concussions have a huge negative effect on the brain, and parents and schools are worried about their kids safety. Concussion, in football, are a rising problem especially since the NFL is being sued for hundreds of millions because of concussions. High School football is very violent on children and thats why it is losing some participants.

Why are Concussions Common

A concussion is caused by a bump or blow to the head or by a jolt to the body that causes the head to move more rapidly back and forth (Kohn, 2010). Concussions are common in football since the sport requires athletes to collide violently into each other at high speeds. Unlike other sports, where concussions occur do to accidental contact in most cases.

High school football becomes much more violent than previous levels because of the athletes bodies. When kids play at a younger age there is less major injuries than high school and up. This is because the body starts maturing around high school which increases speed and force behind hits. Also in high school athletes begin lifting weights greatly increases muscle mass which leads to more violent hits.

Football is an extremely violent game not only in the physical part but also in the mental part of the game. Players are coach to be vicious on the field. they are taught to get mad and take their aggression out on the other player. Which can be dangerous when two or more players are trying to hurt(intentionally or not) the other player by hitting them hard. High school sports are dangerous because rese...

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