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Information Technology Used In Business Do information technologies (IT) such as the laptop computer, and palm pilot really have an effect on the productivity and customer care in the workplace? Or do these technologies, which can be costly and not easily up- graded, hinder business practices? These questions have all been asked as the business world enters the information age. Many different types of businesses are implementing information technology in order to keep themselves in the running with other businesses. From small veterinary clinics to insurance agencies and large corporations, everyone is looking into information technology. It is important to take a look at some of the new information technologies that have been created in order to better understand how they claim to help productivity in the workplace. However, at the same time their costs and benefits must be exposed to determine whether or not they are worth the time and money put into them. Is the money that companies are spending for these new technologies justified? Service is everything in the business world. People want fast results and companies need to look for ways to make that possible. Laptop computers along with “…new palm top and multimedia products”(Abetti, 515) were introduced in the United States market in the early 1990’s, by Toshiba. They immediately took off. “The catchphrase of laptops was ‘from the era of the fixed computer and people moving around to the era of moving computers with people’”(Abetti, 515). These machines that are easily accessible and capable of moving information quickly were attractive to businesses as well as to the general public. Toshiba marketed ... ... middle of paper ... ... Networking 1 July. 1998.: 10. Prudential Insurance Company has created a program called LaunchPad. This new idea is helping to bring laptop computers and other advanced information technology to their employees. This article discusses the background on this companies’ change and how Launchpad is increasing the overall productivity of Prudential. 7. Roth, M.A., D.C. Wolfson, J.C. Kleewein, and C.J. Nelin. “Information Integration: A new generation of information technology.” IBM Systems Journal 41.4 (2002): 563- 578. This article takes an in-depth look at new software and how it manages data in the business world. It looks at how businesses use the Internet. It also discusses the challenges and solutions that may be faced by companies who are constantly integrating new information into their systems.

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