Influence Of Pathos In Advertising

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Advertisers view and shape the Identity, values, and beliefs of any culture by their advertisements. They show their audience what they should wear, drink, and eat. Nowadays you will find advertisements anywhere you look; in the newspaper, television, internet, and even in the streets. Advertisements at this age and time are made to be appealing to a wide variety of audiences. Advertisers have the ability now to change your beliefs and view about some subject. They also influence your choices in food, cloths, and luxury. I have chosen the advertisements that are called “Eini & Co cupcakes: Bee.” I like cupcakes especially with chocolate and that’s the reason I chose it. The Advertisement has vivid colors which can grab your attention pretty…show more content…
Emotions are very powerful, because it’s part of the life of all people and it has the ability to affect their lives as well. Advertisers us Pathos a lot, because they know how value and impotent it is. They know that Pathos is the power to influence the beliefs, values and, dissensions of the majority of the population. The best part from using Pathos in any advertisement is making the audience feel the need to have, or own your product. Pathos influence mostly women and teenagers. It influence many women because they have more emotions and easier to be effected by it, especially if they are, or were moms. It also influence most teenagers because they are the group with less experience in life and guidance. The vivid colors in the advertisement “Eini & Co cupcakes: Bee” can interact with, and ease your mood in order to make you feel the need for comfort and a small but very good and delicious snack that’s full of chocolate. The Advertiser includes a bee in the advertisement which also can trigger some good memories which will affect your emotions and how you feel about the cupcake. The cupcake has a flower on top of it and as all of you know flowers almost always used to change someone’s mood and make them more friendly. Some may also call a cupcake with a flower on it that it’s “cute.” The cupcake look like it mostly been made with chocolate, it will grub the…show more content…
It’s my favorite of the three rhetorical appeals. The Advertisers use Logos to target the portion of the population who are well educated and has more experience. This portion mostly include the men and women above the age of tawny-five. Logos is always used by Advertisers for Advertising products that has been made for a mid-aged and a bit older people. This portion need more than credibility, they need things that make them think about the reasons behind what they see, so it’s the hardest group to be convinced to trust and buy any product. In our advertisement we can find the Logos in the bee and the flower. The logic behind this part of the advertisement is that bees only go to flowers that have a nice smell and shape. By having this logic, the audience will think that the cupcake smell very nice to the point where it will make the bees believe that it a real flower. Any cupcake that can smell that good, will of course taste very delicious. All people how think with logic will feel the need to try the cupcake. It could also make people how do not like cupcake want try it. Most educated people know that chocolate make the person more happy, According to Dukat “Chocolate in our body stimulates the creation of serotonin, known as the "happy hormone"”. By having chocolate as part of the cupcake in the Advertisement, many people will be drowned to it thanks to its health benefits. This advertisement contains a lot

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