Influence Of Management Styles On Conflict Management

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Akintayo (2012) reports research findings on examining the influence of management styles on the conflict in the article “Influence of Management Styles on Conflict Resolution Effectiveness in Work Organization in South-Western Nigeria”. The research problem of this study is the relationship between management styles and conflict resolution effectiveness in work organizations in South-Western Nigeria. The purpose of the study was to ascertain the relative impact of management style on conflict resolution effectiveness towards ensuring a sustainable industrial peace and harmony in Nigeria. The questions/hypothesis that guided the study was to find out whether a significant relationship exists between the management style adopted by the managers and conflict effectiveness and whether there is a significance difference between male and female managers’ conflict management styles. However, the researcher conducted this case study with the goal of identifying the management style adopted by managers in work organizations. A descriptive research design was used to establish the relationship between the management style and conflict resolution effectiveness. The target population of 211 respondents was selected which consisted of all the top and middle management managers in six selected private organizations; using …show more content…

The researchers hypothesized that effective conflict management affects employees’ performance in any organization. The purpose of the study was to determine the impact of conflict management on the performance of employees in a public sector organization. Notably, the researchers did not focus the study on the private organization; it may not have had any implication since the cause of conflict on both sectors may likely be the

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