Influence Of Jane Austen On Literature

Jane Austen’s Influence on Literature
“A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.” This was one of many austere comments made by Jane Austen in her book Mansfield Park. It was this radical way of writing that captured the attention of readers from all over, and made a lasting impression on scholars, critics, and readers for centuries. Austen tremendously impacted the world of literature by introducing a new style of writing, using new literary devices to describe her daily life, and continuing to remain current throughout the centuries.
Jane Austen was one of the first writers to introduce an entirely new style of writing. Before Austen wrote her novels, the writing was unrealistic, dismissable and unrelatable. The
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She was very talented and passionate about her work. However, living in the 19th century made it especially hard to express her wonderful ideas as a woman. This forced her to publish most of her books anonymously so that people would not automatically dismiss her work (Christine, 2012, Writer Hero: Jane Austen). In fact, critics didn 't fully appreciate her style of writing at the time. They thought that Jane’s popularity was overrated because of her limited thought to her small world and it’s small concerns. In direct contrast, it was this exact idea that made her popular. It related her books to everyday life and appealed to the modern reader (Mullan, 2015, How Jane Austen’s Emma Changed the Face of Fiction). The way Jane wrote provided a gentle, easy-to-follow rhythm, using literary devices to move towards subjects floating through irony and criticism. This allows the reader to view the subject through humor and enjoyment but also clearly understanding the point Jane is trying to make (Collins, 2009, What Would Jane Do?). In her popular book Emma, it is the first time that an author writes in a third-person point of view, shares a character 's judgments, and follows the path to their decisions. This technique opened up a new world of opportunities, combining the internal and external world of a character in a novel (Mullan, 2015, How Jane Austen’s Emma Changed the Face of Fiction). Jane Austen had…show more content…
Although writings were fictional she used precise incidents and described her own life with extraordinary detail. Her writings were creating a window into the thoughts, actions, relationships, and morality of daily life. The honesty in her writing is an impeccable eye opener to how things really were (Sutherland, Jane Austen: Social Realism and the Novel). Jane also included the perspective of women in the gentry class. In the 19th century, women had limited opportunity. The main focus of a woman 's life was to be married into social respect and financial security. Austen included this aspect in her stories. With most of the life of a women being inside, it was crucial to include conversation in her fiction. Not only did she include it, but she “wrote some of the most natural and real-seeming conversations in literature.” (Sutherland, Jane Austen’s Social Realism and the Novel). Jane wrote her heroines to be realistic, average, everyday people to appeal to the modern day world. Her protagonists were most always “strong and firm in their determinations.” Instead of seeing heroes as unrealistic images portrayed in Gothic novels, she made a hero that wasn’t necessarily obvious. This appealed to most everyone in the century and no longer portrayed women as shallow, but as deep, strong characters that have emotions and needs just like everyone else (Christine 2012, Writer
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