Infatuation: Real Love In Love, Love And Love?

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The long fight between person to person is it real love or infatuation. When you see princesses in movies they fall in love quickly, however the question is are they in love or infatuated by all the wrong things in the guy. Infatuation is not just a thing of love, it's all of the material things in all walks of life. Infatuation by definition is “an intense but short lived passion or admiration for someone or something”. When you look at people in relationships in today's world a lot of them say i love him or her after a few days. This strikes up the question of are they really in love? Of if they love the attention/ feeling of being in a relationship. A prime example of this would be a couple who has not been in a relationship for a week and then say “i love you”. If you really take a moment to think about this you can love…show more content…
When you love shoes do you really mean you love shoes? In reality probably, not you just might really like shoes which could come off as love but is really an infatuation. This could work in the opposite direction as well if you say that's just my sister i don't love her only like then something is wrong. When it comes to family and friends love should come much easier because you naturally feel love for your family and friends. Finding a balance on if you just really like someone or something in the moment or if you love them/ it is a key to finding balance in life. Love and infatuation is something we all encounter at one time or another and these two things at some points may become blurred. This may happen in relationships with objects along with many other things in life. The most important thing to remember is that they are most definitely not the same things. You can like and love many objects but when it comes to persons you like many people. However you generally only truly love your family, certain, friends and a few
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