Industrial Revolution Effects On American Society

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The industrial revolution reshaped America’s cities, society and way of life in the 1800’s. America is what it is today because of this shift from farmers, craftsmen, and merchants to factory workers, working middle class, and the wealthy class. News ways of transporting goods by using canals, steamboats and trains helped jump start the revolution. The invention of the cotton gin reshaped American slavery, shifting it to the Deep South. The rise of factories led to a new working class of semi-skilled and unskilled workers. All three of these things are responsible for the industrial revolution and bring America in the modern world of today. The industrial revolution first began in the late 1700’s in Great Britain then after a year decades …show more content…

Cities grew simply because that’s where the jobs were. Poor immigrates settled into cites looking for work and often took low end factory jobs to get by. Between 1840 and 1860 4.2 million immigrates moved to the United States, mostly Irish and Germans (Lecture 11). The Irish, who were fleeing the great famine, came to America looking for a new start (Lecture 11). Arriving with little money and no skills, outside of agriculture skills, had to take low paying factory jobs and live in the slums (Lecture 11). The Irish took jobs native American didn’t want like building the railroad and canals, common laborers, servants, longshoremen and factory operators (Give Me Liberty 335). While the Germans who were fleeing political upheaval, arrived with a little more money in their pockets were able to buy land and start their own business (Lecture 11). They established themselves as craftsmen, shop keepers, and farmers and lived in tight knit communities in eastern cities (Give Me Liberty …show more content…

A class system began to appear with a well-defined wealthy class, middle class, and working class. The wealthy class replaced gentry’s, and now you could rise to wealth instead of being born into it. In 1850 the wealthy class, which was 10% of the population, controlled 70% of the wealth. (Lecture 11). A distant middle class made up of lawyers, doctors, teachers, clerks, accountants, and other office employees, appeared during this time (Give Me Liberty 348). The middle class had women who stayed at home and manage the household and men were expected to work (Lecture 11). The middle class was often drawn to evangelical religions and were the driving force of the temperance movement (Lecture 11). The working class made up the rest of the class systems, these were the low wage, unskilled workers, mostly made up of immigrates and blacks (Lecture

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how the industrial revolution reshaped america's cities, society, and way of life in the 1800s.
  • Explains that the industrial revolution began in the late 1700’s in great britain then after a year decades jumped across the atlantic to the united states.
  • Explains that the cotton gin, the steel plow, and the telegraph revolutionized the manufacturing industry.
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