India and Italy: Their History and Economy

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India and Italy have been part of the world since long time, both of the countries share unique features in them. India and Italy recently started having even stronger bonds with each other. Both the countries are part of ancient civilizations; people of India and Italy have continuous civilization since 2500 B.C.E. Both the countries can be compared and contrasted on the basics of their culture, religion, economy, history and trade stats etc. I have never seen Italy in my life but I hear people from Italy are similar to Indians in most of the ways and Italy itself attracts me as a beautiful country. I always wanted to go to Italy from the start as I have only seen the Italy in pictures and movies. Italy has kept his heads up from the recession as compared to the countries around it like Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary.

The neighboring countries of Italy are facing lot of recession in their country as Spain has inflation rate of -0.80% , Austria inflation rate of 0.40% and Switzerland -0.60%, which is very low as compared to Italy, which is 0.60%. In terms of businesses Italy is doing way better than these countries as recent news shows it import and export business are doing very well with countries like India and USA. According to the sources the headlines were Spain facing deepest recession Jose Carlos Diez, chief economist in Madrid at Intermoney SA, Spain’s largest bond dealer said "I can guarantee you that if we did not take advantage of our financial margin to fight the recession, the fall in public revenues in 2010 would be so disproportionate that we would have problems, " he wrote in a note. Spain showed a budget surplus between the years 2004 to 2007 but due to recent economy slowdown it shattered really b...

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