Increasing Rates of Teenage Pregnancy

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The problem to be addressed by this proposal is the issue of teenagers pregnancy rates are increasing. Since 2007 we have steadily be rising by 1% every year (Center for Disease Control). In addition we are ranked as the number one nation in the world for having the most teenagers becoming parents. Are teenagers being prepared and educated adequately in the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and the risks of pregnancies? In my experience no, just last year I had a freshman student who gave birth in October. This incident was shocking and alarming. Also to be determined if teens are in fact adhering the abstinence only lessons. If not, determining if the curriculum needs to change. 1.4 Significance of Problem Describe why this problem should have a priority to be addressed at this point, explain the necessity of finding answers to the problem. High school students are having sex and it is jeopardizing the education when it is unprotected and they are unaware of the consequences and how to protect themselves. Our teenagers are becoming parents. An abstinence only curriculum presents marriage as the only morally acceptable environment for sexual activity, and emphasizes that abstinence from all sexual behavior until marriage. Since abstinence is the only option until marriage, contraception is either prohibited or its ineffectiveness in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections or HIV is highlighted (Weaver, 2005). Facts are facts however and the median age at marriage for men is 25.9 and the median age at marriage for women is 24. Yet, 80% of college students who are between the ages of 18 and 24 are sexually active (Wiley, 2002). The risk of transmitting a sexually transmitted infectio... ... middle of paper ... ...pating and the viability to perform the project. The proposed study is feasible to complete. The investigation will be completed during school hours. Due to the pre an post surveys the study will begin in August and end in late December. As part of the study the research will be found from current curriculum, this will cost no money. The students who are enrolled in health class will be surveyed on where they receive the education in regards to sex. A small population of students who are or who are about to be teenage parents will also be directly surveyed. The age of students participating will be fourteen to nineteen, both male and female. The survey will be a minimal cost and all data analyzed will be completed by myself. The surveys themselves will consist of a pre and post survey. The interviews of the current teen parents will be individualized.

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