Increasing Productivity through Trainings

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Increasing Productivity through Trainings

Organizations with effective training programs produce workers that are efficient to perform task and get desired results. When the employees are no longer producing quality work the organization needs to examine the methods given to the employees to accomplish their assign task.

Landa (2000) reported, “Most supervisors and managers have experienced disappointment and frustration as an employee gradually slips from superior performance to acceptable and often lower still, or fails to meet the level of expectations established at hire. There are many reasons employees stop performing in the workplace, like being bored, overworked, and lack motivation etc. This is why it is important for managers and leaders of an organization to provide ongoing training, coaching and keep open communication with employees.

In this case, the employees are receiving complaints by the groups, which also indicate that changes needs to take place within the organizational system. I as a manager would immediate began to recognize that there is a problem through the volume of complaints. The term group and volume would immediately send of signals that it might not be the employees at fault. Schlevogt (2001) point out, “that it is important for leaders to change their perception and understand the value of training” (p.4). this is why I as a manager of this company would began conducting a Performance analysis to make a determination if problems could be address and corrected through training, employees interviews and input is also an important part of the stage. The performance analysis apprises the employees performance, identifying what they want does or cann...

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... costly for the company. Because all programs should be measurable management to monitor results, they should monitored the reduce numbers of complaints and returns.

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