Improving Managements’ Leadership Skills Through Training

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Andy Garafallo has made his mark in the restaurant industry. His extensive knowledge coupled with a genuine appreciation for customers and staff have, in large part, contributed to 25 years of success. At the core of Andy’s approach to business is a philosophy that centers on integrity and ethical choices. In this regard, Andy’s focus on consistency and customer satisfaction has played a major role in his longevity in the industry. Andy’s supportive approach to staff management has also aided in his overall success. In taking on the position as both teacher and coach, Andy has been able to mold individuals into effective employees, enabling them to excel within his business and the industry as a whole.

Employee Deficiencies

Recently, Andy has noticed deficiencies in three of the staff members who make up his management team. Although Danielle, Kelly and Patrick have been with the restaurant for a number of years, Andy has identified areas of improvement in an effort to support the company and further the skills of each individual staff member.

As the senior employee, Danielle has developed strong social judgment skills inline with Andy’s customer service philosophy. Unfortunately however, Danielle has lower general crystalized cognitive ability as it relates to working with numbers. While her social skills benefit Danielle’s direct contact with customers in the front-end of the restaurant, a difficulty with numbers limits her ability to solve problems related to billing inquiries and front-end budgeting.

Kelly, who works in the backend of the restaurant, excels in her responsibilities of ordering for the kitchen as well as in food preparation. Although Kelly has a high level of motivation in relation to complet...

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...leadership contributes to organizational success. Assisting Danielle, Kelly and Patrick in improving their leadership weaknesses will likely enable Andy to improve the overall operations of the restaurant. While Andy’s is restaurant is currently successful, attention to deficiencies in his own personal leadership style may be necessary in the future. Preparation for a time when critical examination of profit margins is necessary will enable Andy to maintain his success for the next 25 years.

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