Improving Inner City High Schools

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A test of success is when the odds are stacked against you. Inner-city high schools face this problem on a daily basis. When it comes to the formation of writing centers, high schools, especially ones located in America’s largest metropolitan areas, face a plethora of problems. However, by using unique tools and relationships—collaboration between high schools and local universities, choosing the proper tutors, and a unique writing center setting—inner-city high schools across the nation have been able to develop successful writing centers. Developing writing centers in inner-city school systems can be especially difficult. In a time of decreased attention on inner-city school systems, many schools in metropolitan areas face severe budget crises. With their budgets stretched thin, many inner-city schools do not have the means or money to develop and run a writing center program for their students. Many government planners and local politicians are increasingly focused on suburbia; consequently, most local money is given to schools in well-to-do suburbs, which come at the expense of inner-city schools. With such little money, it may seem impossible for constrained metropolitan high schools to form and manage writing centers successfully. Collaboration between high schools and local universities can lead to a successful and long lasting writing center program. Robert Barnett, the director of the University of Michigan- Flint Writing Center, formed a collaborative relationship with local high schools. Barnett’s goal was to assist local high schools in the creation of writing centers for their students. To do this, Barnett and assorted faculty from the local high schools met and came up with four goals for the high school writing... ... middle of paper ... ...the space to create proper writing centers. When this happens, some high schools may form writing centers in unique places. In Cincinnati, Ohio, a high school formed a writing center but did not have space available to house the center. The writing center was run off of donations from the high school’s cheerleading and football camps. With no space to house the writing center, the writing center was run under a large tree just outside the school. Inner-city high schools face many challenges when it comes to forming a writing center. Budgetary restraints simply do not allow many inner-city high schools to develop the writing centers they need. However, through successful collaboration, relatable peer tutors, and thinking outside the box when it comes to location, high schools across the nation have implemented successful writing center programs for their students

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