Important Decisions of Organ Donation

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Organ Donation Central Idea/Thesis: Organ donation is an important decision not only for the donor, but it is a significant decision for the life that you have the potential to save as well. INTRODUCTION I. Almost everyone would like to be considered a hero. When someone is a hero they are considered to be someone who is willingly able to risk their life to help and save someone else, whom they know or never met. They want to be able to say “I have saved a life.” By becoming an organ donor you will be able to say I am a hero because you will save a life. Organ donation is a selfless act; that makes a huge difference in peoples lives. Organ donation gives another person a second chance at life. Today there is an unfortunate number of patients waiting for organs; this number exceeds the number of people who are registered to be organ donors. Patients waiting for organs wait months sometimes years for a match. Many of these patients pass away before they find one. Organ donation is a topic that most people are not well informed, as result many people refuse to be an organ donor. To better understand this topic I will inform you what organ donation is, how it works and how you can become an organ donor and what organs or tissues you can donate. TRANSITION: First, I will explain what organ donation is and how it works. BODY II. What organ donation is and how it works a) Organ donation is when healthy organs and tissues are transplanted from one person to another. b) Organs that can be donated include: kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, intestines, lungs, skin, bone, bone marrow, and cornea ( c) Organ donations are for patients with kidney failure, heart disease, lung disease, and cirrohosis of the liver. For pati... ... middle of paper ... ...sed on medical criteria, and not age. e) I won’t really be dead when they sign the death certificate: when people are organ donors more tests are made to determine if the patient is really dead than those that are not organ donors. TRANSITION: Finally, I will discuss how to become an organ donor. IV. How to become an organ donor a) You can register by going to and registering online according to where you live. Here you will be asked what organs you will like to donate. b) Renew your driver’s license, in order for organ donor to appear on it. c) Sign a donor card and carry the card with you until you can have it on your driver’s license. d) Talk to your family about your decision. ( TRANSITION: We have discussed what organ donation is, how it works, what are some arguments presented against and how to become an organ donor.