Importance of the Freshwater Industry

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Freshwater only makes up a tiny portion of the earth’s total water and yet it is as important to our economy and industry as it is to our bodies to stay alive. Industry is the second largest withdrawer of water only behind agriculture. There are many aspects of freshwater industry ranging from power generation to fishing. There are two main categories freshwater industry can be split into and these are withdrawal uses, these remove the water from it environment for use and in stream uses in which the water isn’t moved. Heres a list of the main industries and a brief summary. Thermal power generation – water is turned into steam to turn the generator it is also used to cool all areas of the process. Manufacturing- fresh water is needed in every stage of the manufacturing process for everything. Paper, iron, steel, and textiles are the #1 user of wter in the manufacturing sector. Agriculture- farmers need freshwater to water crops and feed animals. Agriculture is the largest water using sector in the world. Mining water is used to separate rock from ore, to cool drills, and to wash away debris This was the smallest withdrawal use because they constantly reuse the water. Instream uses: Hydroelectric power is power produced from falling or flowing water this turns a turbine which produces electricity. Water transport- boats are the most economical way to move bulk goods, rivers play a very large part in this industry allowing boats access far inland. Freshwater fisheries- these produce about a quarter of all food on earth and bring millions of dollars into the economy each year. Waste disposal- this is considered an industry somehow, People still dump wastes into our small amount of freshwater resources we have saving lots of money and space but ruining our only water supplies.

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