Importance of Being on Time

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The importance of being on time in the military (or anywhere at all), is simply a symptom of discipline, which was instilled in new enlisted soldiers during basic training. Being on time shows reliability. We have to show discipline, responsibility, show care through following military rules and regulations. Being on time not only pertains to accountability, but shows respect to our fellow soldiers, our unit, command and organization as a whole. Being on time also will avoid any disciplinary actions that may hinder you from reaching your goals. Being on time may have a greater importance and effect, than we may know. Being on time enables us to be able to trust and rely on each other in life and death situations. Last but not least, it shows that we will be able and ready to capitalize on our capabilities to complete our missions. It is not acceptable to be late (except when involving safety limitations), because missions and operations are interlocking pieces that must function together as a whole in order for it to work in a timely manner. All successful and respective people all have one common attribute, and this is knowing and exhibiting the importance of being on time. Being on time shows discipline. “Discipline is the glue that holds units together in order to accomplish assigned missions. It is the culmination of the genuine acceptance of the army values”. (Soldier’s Guide P.1-15) The military has a proud and long standing history of being efficient and in order. All military codes of conduct, dress and ceremonies are built on this particular foundation. Anyone enlisting in the United States military will have to go through and complete basic training requirements to instill the mindset, discipline, training and attitudes... ... middle of paper ... too much room for error. Giving yourself enough time prior to your appointed formation also deters you from making up an excuse for being late. A squad cannot function to its full potential if a soldier is late. It reflects onto your superiors and your unit presentation as a whole. Another reason why showing up at least thirty minutes prior is beneficial, is for you to be in a relaxed state of mind. You do not want to be waking up stressed because you were in a rush, it never reflects well on you and yet again, leaves too much space for error. Lastly, arriving thirty minutes prior is for you to make sure you are well equipped to be prepared for the day. Always arrive early so you will have moments to relax, plan your agenda, connect with peers, get informed and organized for daily tasks. Works Cited

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