Interview With A Marine

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The Few the Proud and the The Brave. Timothy Durham A corpral in the United States Marine Corps Considers himself to be a example of what the Marines exemplify. "I am a Marine to the heart 100%." Timothy joined the Marines at the age of twenty three, in search of a better lie for both himself and his daughter. He felt like the Marines would be the best route to not only developing him into manhood but also providing him with the best "possible benefits". "I wanted To be a better person and open up doors of oppurtunity for myself. I wanted to provide for my family, buy a house and be able to live comfortably.What better way then to serve my country." During his four years in the Marines Timothy has traveled throught the United States and around the world to Japan, Australia, Korea, Panama and the Phillapines. In Addition He has recieved numerous certificates of commendation for going above and beyond. Because of being such an outstanding Timothy and 13 others from his squad were invited to preform in the Australian bicentenial parade to preform military drills. But despite his accomplishments What does it mean to be a Marine? "Discipline, heart, Attention to detail and pride"are all qualities that Timothy feelsare nessacary to being a Marine.The Marines are the toughest branch of the military. They break you down and build you back up. It requires strength, endurance, and determination. Everyone is not tmade for the Marines because it is both a physical and mental challenge. You have to be able to take instruction and follow them apprioatley. You have to me Marine quality." A day as a Marine is very extensive. A Marines day begins at 4:30 am. Physical Training starts at 5:00 am and last for an hour. Immedialy following is morning formation a brief explanation of the days activity as well as morning attendance. Wheter on the field or in the classroom military training begins at 7:00 am. This a basic insturction class which last 5hrs and teaches skills for combat. Lunch last about 40 mins and is followed by another shower. Then comes field training a basic overview of the skills learned in the classroom. Next, is weapons cleaning. Company formation begins at 4:00 pm. This is a marching drill exercise that teaches marching skills. The Squads day comes to a close after dinner with liberty or free time.

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